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Security System design considerations.
          Security for our own lives and properties has become most important as the crime level is increasing day by day every where. To secure our lives and properties should be more important than the interior designs of our residences, offices or any properties.
          Before designing security systems to protect ourselves and our properties we need to understand the level of threats or risks. Different sites have different levels of threats. Depending upon the requirement we need to select the right tools in designing a security system that should be realistic, affordable and provide full security.
         We use different tools like CCTV, Access Control, Alarm System, Fences, Barriers, Bullet proof jackets and cars, X-ray machines, Metal detectors, body guards and security guards to name a few.
          For instance having metal detectors and x-ray machines to secure our homes is totally a wrong design. Or just installing CCTV system at our homes and villas will not provide us security from any intrusions from burglars or thieves. For homes and Villas what we need is an Alarm System that will immediately sound siren to scare the intruder and alert the authorities or the owner of the villa through a voice message on his mobile. The alarm system can also be connected to Police Monitoring to monitor the alarms and the patrolling police in the area can take immediate action. Incase the thief succeeds in escaping the scene we may need CCTV system to capture his images to catch the criminals. Besides Alarm System and CCTV you can also have a security guard if you need more security.
         For banks you need Alarm System, CCTV System, Access Control Control system as well as security guards to do night patrol. To check whether the security guards are performing their jobs, Guard Tour System can be installed.
         Similarly for warehouses CCTV system, Alarm System can be installed and a few security guards can be posted to protect the property twenty four hours. Guard Tour system is required to check whether the patrolling is done regularly or not.
         For Hotels CCTV system can be used. For administration offices Access Control System can be used to restrict access to unwanted people.
         For Airports you need high level of security. The tools that we use are CCTV, Access Control, Metal Detectors, X-ray machines, Explosives and drugs detection systems. Face Recognition and Iris recognition systems can be used to restrict entry to banned people or criminals. Public Address System can be used for general announcements or to alert for evacuation in case of emergency.
         To design a good security system besides selecting the right tools we need to select the right specifications and the right locations to install the equipment. Of course the qualilty and reliability of the system is very important for the security sytems to perfrom without breakdowns. The last thing is the proper installation that should secure the security systems by not allowing the criminals to cut the power or data cables to damage the security system before the crime. Any security system should be backed by maintenance support from the installation company.