Intruder Alarm System is also called Burglar Alarm is a very important tool in Security Systems. Incase of intrusion or burglary the siren will make very loud sound which can scare the intruder, at the same time the control panel can dial the police control room to send the alarm signal with the site information so that the police can reach the site to take appropriate action.
         Intruder Alarm System is designed using Control Panel, Sensors, Siren or Sounder and auto dialer. The Control Panel is the heart of the system which receives signals from all the sensors. Different types of sensors are used for different locations. for doors and windows door contacts or magnetic contacts are used. When the door is opened or closed the signal is sent to the control panel. For glass doors and windows glass break detectors are used. This sensor sends the signal to the control panel when the glass is broken. If there is movement in the protected site Motion Detectors are used. There are two types of motion detectors available. Passive Infra Red (PIR) or dualtech where the sensing is through both IR and Microwave rays.
         In case of panic situation panic buttons or kick bars can be used to send panic alarm to the monitoring station. For safe boxes or safe rooms vibration sensors can be installed which detects any vibration caused by explosives or tamper. The site to be protected can be installed with these sensors along with control panel and a siren. Sirens make very loud sound with strobe light which flashes at the time of alarm.
         A keypad is used for programming, arming and disarming the system. The system is armed using a four digit code. If the system is in disarmed state it will be in standby mode. The system is active only when it is armed. The system can be armed either in Away or Stay modes. In Away mode all the sensors will be active. This mode is used when every person from the house or the protected site leaves. In the night when people are staying in the protected site the system is armed in Stay mode. In Stay mode all the sensors will active except the motion detectors. Since some 
persons may move around and the motion detectors should not trigger alarm. Once the system is armed if the door is opened the keypad will beep till the entry delay to disarm the system. Four digit code is used to arm and disarm the system. If the system is not disarmed within the time delay the it will trigger alarm. If the system is disarmed using a correct code then the system goes into standby mode.
         The sensors are programmed in different types of zones like Entry/ Exit zone, Interior Follower zone, Perimeter zone, 24 Hr silent zone, 24 Hr audible zone etc. The Entry / Exit zone is used for the entrance doors. When the system is armed and when the entry zone is opened it gives a preprogrammed time delay which can vary from 30 to 90 seconds to disarm the system. The Interior Follower zone when opened after the entry zone is opened it will not trigger alarm but will wait till the entry delay. Once the entry delay time elapses and if the system is not disarmed there will be alarm both by entry zone or Interior Follower zone. If the Interior Follower zone is opened before the entry zone is opened then there will be immediate alarm. Permiter zone will trigger alarm immediately when it is opened. The Entry zone, Interior Follower zone and perimeter zones work only when the system is armed. But the 24 Hr zones work all the time whether the system is armed or disarmed.
         The control panel can be programmed to dial and send the alarm signal to the Central Monitoring Station. Or an auto dialer can be installed to send voice message to a mobile phone in case of alarms.
         In case it is difficult to do wiring particularly in villas then Wireless Alarm System can be used. Arming and disarming can be done either by Keypad or Remote Button.
         Intruder Alarm or Burglar Alarm System can be used in homes, villas, offices, warehouses, banks, jewellery shops and money exchange companies etc.
         Securcorp has installed alarm system in many companies in dubai and other parts of UAE. We also provide central alarm monitoring stations systems for big companies who want to monitor their sites themselves.
Honeywell Intruder Alarm System
Intruder Alarm System Design and Application.
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